About Us

Welcome to PlantsParadize.com blog.

My name is B. B. Shukla and I have been working on decorating my home and office by adding more indoor and outdoor plants. Apart from decoration, there are so many benefits of keeping plants in our sorroundings– such as clean air, better sleep, better concentration, better health etc.

While I was doing the research on indoor and outdoor plants, I started this blog in an effort to share anything useful that I might find and can also help others too.

This blog is my attempt to share the knowledge and benefits I have been gaining over the past few years.

Please note that I don’t claim to be an indoor and outdoor plants or house plantation expert. I am an enthusiast and I do a lot of research online as well as offline in gardens and nurseries. I try to maintain accuracy as possible in my research and in my blog articles.

I hope you find these articles useful and it helps you to get close towards nature.

PlantsParadize.com is one of The Best platforms of Indoor and Outdoor Plants Collection. We share the the details of most popular and easy grown houseplants.

There are many people who needs some guidance about indoor and outdoor house plantation. So, I am trying to provide some caring tips which are very helpful for beginner gardeners.

If you find any of content that hearing you then please let us know by contacting us.

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