10 Best Balcony Garden Plants for House & Apartment


    Today we will describe about 10 best balcony garden plants, which are suitable for home and apartment.

    In this era of modernity, it seems impossible to get both greenery and serene environment together.

    The gardens are either far from home, or crowded. Therefore, if the balcony is decorated with plants, you can get a lot of greenery and peace.

    It is important to take care of some points while setting up a balcony garden.

    Things to keep in mind while setting up the balcony garden

    The following points should be kept in mind while setting up the balcony garden.

    Don’t hurt others

    If the house is for rent, then there is no problem with the owner or neighbors. Talk to your landlord or neighbors. Take written or verbal permission as required.

    Load bearing capacity

    The balcony should be in good condition, so that it can bear the weight of pots, walking and jogging.

    Place in balcony

    It is important to have enough space in the balcony. In small balcony, clamber plants, hanging plants, narrow pots should be installed.

    Any kind of plants can be planted in a large balcony. Select plants according to size in the balcony.

    Sunlight on the balcony

    It is very important to have sunlight in the balcony. Plants without sunlight are not known to grow properly.

    Plant shade and sunny plants according to them. Do not keep shade plants in the sun.

    Wind and cold

    Wind and cold have a profound effect on the balcony garden. Place the sensitive plant behind the big plant. Keep small plants close to the floor.

    Proper water supply

    Water should be easily available in the balcony. If there is no faucet in the balcony, connect the pipe and plug it.

    Plants should be chosen according to their lifestyle.

    Benefits of balcony garden

    By planting air purifying plants in the balcony, the quality of the surrounding air increases. Pollution is reduced.

    Stress and nervousness are reduced. Curry leaves, coriander, chilli grown in balcony garden are fresh and healthy.

    Plants maintain humidity in a natural way. That is why, even in summer, there is a stub in the balcony.

    There is also a favorable effect on the health of children.

    Useful tips to setup balcony garden

    A potted plant needs more care than a plant planted in soil.

    For bad eyesight and privacy, big plants, such as bamboo, palmets are suitable. It is not only privacy, but also protects from the sun and cold.

    If there is enough space in the balcony, you can plant climber plants and hanging plants.

    You can keep plants on the side of the wall and on the railings, if balcony is small .

    Put some furniture in empty space, where you can sit and drink tea comfortably, read a book, talk with family and friends.

    10 Best Balcony Garden Plants

    There are many such plants which can be planted in the balcony. Here we are going to tell about some selected plants.

    Aloe Vera Plants

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    This plant is very easy to take care of. It purifies the air by removing formaldehyde and benzene.

    It removes Cavity from teeth. Beneficial in diabetes and ulcers. It removes stress and increases memory power.

    Light- It can also be applied to shade or sunlight.

    Water- They require very little water. Add water only when the soil is dry.

    Temperature- These plants Vera can tolerate temperatures up to 4-5 ° C.

    Snake Plant

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    Snake plant care is very easy. The snake plant removes toxins and chemicals from the atmosphere and converts carbon-dioxide into oxygen.

    Light- snake plant needs sun. Therefore, it should be installed in such outdoor.

    Water- It is mandatory to give water to the snake plant daily.

    Temperature- For a snake plant, the temperature should be more than 12 ° C.

    Bougainvillaea Plant

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    Boganvellia is the ideal plant for colored balconies. Such a vertical garden can also be planted. It is an evergreen plant.

    Light- Boganvellia needs sufficient sun (5-6 hours).

    Water- Boganwellia requires average amount of water.

    Temperature – Boganvellia grows well at 20–40 ° C.

    Chinese Evergreen plant

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    The Chinese Evergreen plant is also known as Aglaonema Modestum. Keep this plant on balcony in shadow area.

    Light- Chinese Evergreen plant does not require light.

    Water- Chinese Evergreen plant should be watered only once a week.

    Temperature– For Chinese Evergreen plant, the temperature is 18-25 ° C.

    Holy Basil plant

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    Holy Basil (Tulsi) is also known as Holi Basil. Tulsi is worshiped in the Indian Hindu family.

    Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves are used in herbal teas. The powder of basil leaves leaves the kit-kites away.

    Light- Holi Basil / Tulsi requires sunlight 5-6 hours daily.

    Water- Add water only when the top layer of soil becomes dry. Very little water is required during rainy or cold days.

    Temperature – Above 20 degrees is favorable for Tulsi.

    Care- When flowers start coming in Tulsi, they should be removed and pruned. Their old leaves and flowers should always been removed for their growth.

    Areca Palm plants

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    It is also known as Golden Chain and Butterfly Palm.

    These plants are extensively used for home decoration. They are very easy to take care.

    Areca palm purifies the air by releasing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene etc. from the atmosphere.

    Light- Areca palm can be planted in sunlight or shade anywhere.

    Water- Ereca palm should be watered daily, but there should be no water logging. Roots dry up as water accumulates.

    Temperature – Above 20 ° C is good for the development of Ereca Palm.

    Rose Plants

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    It is an ornamental plant used for aroma. The petals are also used in sweets. Roses are found in many colors and many species.

    Light- Rose needs sunlight for 5-6 hours.

    Water– Rose needs average amount of water.

    Temperature- 18-25 degree Celsius is best for rose.

    Care – Pruning of rose should always be done.

    Curry Plants

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    Curry leaves are used in food. It is also very beneficial in diabetes.

    Light- Curry leaf is an outdoor plant. Such adequate sunlight is required.

    Water– Curry leaves require average water.

    Temperature– 25-35 degree Celsius is suitable for curry leaves.

    Syngonium plants

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    Syngonium is a feng-shui plant. It is also a very good air purification plant.

    Singonium takes toxin from the atmosphere and sends it to its roots, where toxins are converted into nutrients.

    Light- Singonium is a shade plant.

    Water- Add water only when the top layer of soil becomes dry.

    Temperature- 20-30 degree temperature is best for Singonium.

    Zuzu (Zz) plants

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    Zuzu (Zz) Palm is also known as Emerald Palm. Its botanical name is Zamioculcus zamifolia.

    Zuzu palm is a ornamental plant. It purifies the air by removing benzene and toluene from the atmosphere.

    Light- The Zuzu plant needs average sunlight.

    Water – water only when the soil is dry.

    Temperature- 18-26 degree temperature is suitable for Zuzu plant.


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