Calla Lily : Zantedeschia Aethiopica


Calla Lily are Outdoor Plants by nature but can be grown indoor by paying some extra attention. The botanical name of Calla Lily is Zantedeschia Aethiopica. It belongs to the native of South Africa. Now it is found in other parts of the world.

This plant can be propagate through a single rhizome or bulb. The Calla Lily Plant needs wet growing condition to remain healthy. Flowers are blooms in the month of June and July when planted outdoor. The Calla Lily plants may boom during spring season if kept indoor on proper temperature.

The plant grows directly from the bulbs. Large leaves are situated just above the surface of soil. This plant can grow 2-3 feet tall. The flowers are in trumpet shape and grows few inches over the dark green foliage.

The Calla Lily Plant do not require much attention to bloom. Proper light and moisture level helps to produce flowers.

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Care of Calla Lily Plants

Here are some basic tips to grow a healthy Calla Lily Plant.


The soil should be with good pH value between 6.0 – 6.5 with enough moisture. It is required for best growth of Calla Lily plants. Soil should be moist but never soggy.

At least three inch soil should be moist always. Please ensure that the soil should be moist but never sits on pot. Standard potting soil with good mixture is ideal for plant.


The Calla Lily is a water loving plant. It grows well near bank of river, edge of ponds and in mud. It prefers evenly moist condition.Do not allow water to sit in the pot. The plant can be tolerate over watering, if the soil mix pH is within the limit. Too much or over watering can cause root rot.


The Calla Lily plant requires plenty of bright but indirect sunlight. Keep these plants on the window facing east or west for good quantity of bright but indirect sunlight.


Zantedeschia Aethiopica plant does not require fertilizer. We can use ammonium free fertilizer for better growth of plant. Use only water soluble fertilizer in very less quantity once in a month. More fertilization for long duration will harm the plant health.


The temperature between 12-18 degree Celsius is ideal for the better growth of Calla Lily plants. These plants are very sensitive to the temperature. Use the mulch during summer season to keep the bulbs cooler in the pot.


The ambient humidity of our rooms are ideal and acceptable for this Calla Lily plants. Keep the soil moist to maintain average humidity level. Otherwise, keep the water tray near plants. It also maintains the ambient humidity level for the plants.


A single bulb can produce multiple leaves and flowers. Leaves are dark green in color and looks like Arrow. The flower can be grown up to 10 inches in size with blue center stamen.

If your lily plant do not produces flower in entire growing season, test the pH level of soil. The pH level of soil should be between 5-5.6 for a healthy and mature plant.


Pruning is not necessary other than to keep the plants in shape and compact.


The small black berries like seeds can produce baby plant if planted in pots below 3 inches of soil. These berries forms new bulbs. It can also been propagate through the rhizomes. A single rhizome can propagate a baby plant.


These plants are toxic to pets like cats and dogs. If they ingest this plant, the sign like mouth irritation, problems in swallowing, vomiting symptoms may be noticed.


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