Cast Iron Plant : Aspidistra Elatior


The Cast Iron Plant is a very nice and easy to care house plant. The other common names are Bar Room Plant and Ball Room Plant. It tolerate any type of light, air or water. It has got its common name due to the ability to withstand neglect.

Aspidistra Elatior plants are belongs to the native of Japan and Taiwan. It is a hardy plant and can tolerate any environmental conditions.

It is widely used to decorate indoors as well as outdoors. The easy to care makes these plant very popular among other ornamental plants of its species.

The leaves of cast iron plant grows from the stem. It can be separated from the roots to grow new plants. The green and variegated leaves appears very nice.

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General Facts

Biological Name Aspidistra Elatior
Origin Japan and Taiwan
Common Names Cast Iron Plant
Growth Cast Iron Plant, Bar Room Plant and Ball Room Plant
Toxicity Non-toxic to pets and humans

Characteristics of Cast Iron Plant : Aspidistra Elatior

The detailed important characteristics are as follows.

Basic Information

Looks and Displaying

Level of care

The cast iron plant care and maintenance is very easy. But the plant grower should have to keep some important facts in the mind as described in this article.


The Cast Iron plant rarely produces tiny flowers. Because, blooming depends on some certain conditions. It mainly grown for lovely foliage.


Prune the old leaves near to the soil when they deteriorate or turns yellow.


The cast iron plants are propagated by division during re-potting. When too many stems of this plant becomes over sized, divide them and re-pot to propagate new plant.


Uses and Benefits of Cast Iron Plant : Aspidistra Elatior

Requirements to Grow and Care


I advice to use well draining soil mixed with coco peat. The pots should have well drainage hole at bottom to release extra water.


The Cast Iron Plants required less quantity of water during winter season and a bit more in summer season. Check the soil before watering. Water them only when top layer of soil get completely dry. Do not over water in any season . Over water may cause root rot.


Bright but indirect light is good for plant growth.Thew grows slowly in low light.


Fertilizer should be provided during Spring to Summer season. Feed Cast Iron plants once in a month with balanced water soluble diluted fertilizers.


The temperature between 15-24 degree celsius required for the proper growth of Cast Iron Plants. But these plants can tolerate low temperature too.


The Aspidistra Elatior plants tolerate humidity as well as dry air conditions. I advised to keep these plants in normal room humidity.




These plants are non-toxic to pets and humans.

Special Instructions

Pests and Diseases







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