Corn Plant : Dracaena Fragrans


The Dracaena Corn Plants are very popular indoor plant in United State, United Kingdom and Europe. There are three different varieties of Dracaena Fragrans. They are Massangeana, Lindenii and Victoria. The Massangeana is the most popular in its varieties and it is commonly known as Corn Plant or Cornstalk.

The Cornstalk plants are very much attractive. They are widely used to decorate hotels and offices. Corn Plant can grow up to four feet in height. The height and look makes it an ideal plant for office, hotel, large living rooms or halls.

The Dracaena Fragrans is an ancient but very popular houseplant. This African evergreen plant have by plated in Europe since very long. This plant is also very popular in the United States since the beginning of 20th century.

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General Facts

Biological Name Dracaena Fragrans
Origin United State, United Kingdom and Europe
Common Names Corn Plant or Cornstalk plant
Growth Up to 4 feet
Toxicity Toxic to pets like cats and dogs

Characteristics of Corn Plant : Dracaena Fragrans

The important characteristics are as follows.

Basic Information

The Dracaena Corn Plant’s caring is very easy. Here are some important tips which should must be taken care during planting..

Looks and Displaying

The Dracaena Fragrant or Corn Plant produces crown of leaves on the top of stem. Corn plants grow from stems that produce long, narrow leaves which looks like maize / corn toward the top. These beautiful leaves provides them a similar appearance like palm tree. Due to this appearance, they are sometimes referred as “False Palms.” Corn plant is a good houseplants because they are tall and narrow. Thy grows up to 6 feet high when planted in containers.

Level of care

Plant lovers usually grows Corn plant in large pot in their home garden. They grows well in bright but indirect sunlight. The location should also be protected from drafts. Maintaining high humidity levels in indoor location. The high humidity can be maintained by placing the water pot with pebbles and misting the plant leaves on regular basis.

You can place Cornstalk plant outside in the summer season. But this plant should be bring inside before temperatures begin to fall down.

Do not expose these plants to extreme conditions in any form i.e. bright and direct sunlight, enough cold or enough warm temperatures or heavy winds.


The Cornstalk plant produces fragrant flowers in its natural habitat. They they are not likely to bloom indoor. It may bloom indoor in some certain conditions. The leaves are the real attraction of Corn plants.


Remove the old leaves when turns yellow. Prune the stem of Corn plant to maintain desired height, attraction and beauty.


Propagation of Corn plant is quite easy. Re-plant the pruned or stem cutting to propagate new plant. It can also be propagate using the air layering method. The best season to propagate is Spring and Summer.


The Dracaena fragrans plant has solid evergreen leaves. It has basically three varieties.

  • Massangeana – The most popular variety is Massangeana. It features a lime green stripe down to the middle of the leaves.
  • Lindenii – The second variety is Lindenii. It features a dark green stripe down to the middle of yellowish leaves.
  • Victoria – The third variety is Victoria. It features a white and cream stripe down to the middle of leaves. But, this variety is not common and rarely seen in gardens.

Uses and Benefits of Dracaena Fragran : Corn Plant

The NASA’s clean air study proved that Dracaena Fragrans or Corn Plants (also called Cornstalk Plant) are able to remove considerable amount of toxins from the environment. It helps to purify air from surroundings.

Requirements to Grow and Care


Corn plant love well draining soil to grow well. Use good soil mix for better result.


Keep the soil evenly moist during summer season and slightly dry during winter season. Do not over water in any season.


Corn plant required bright but indirect sunlight for healthy growth. It can tolerate low light conditions too.


Fertilize Corn Plants with water soluble fertilizer once in a month during Summer season.


The Dracaena Fragrans tolerates temperature between 15-24 Degree Celsius.


Keep Dracaena Fragrans or Cornstalk plant under normal room humidity.


Re-pot Corn plant every year or in two years into a larger pot or container with fresh and fertile potting soil. Remove the loose soil around the roots. Carefully lift the plant from its base and place it in new pot or container.

Making sure that roots are not to damage during this process. Now, fill the blank space with fresh and fertile potting soil. Ensure proper drainage at the time of re-potting.


Special Instructions

Wipe out the dust present on leaves through damp cloth to keep plant looking gorgeous.

Pests and Diseases

Fluoridated water, temperature fluctuations, inadequate watering, and calcium deficiency can cause leaf discoloration. Inspect the plant for spider mites, thrips, and scale. It is a common problem of many houseplants.


A. Does a corn plant need sunlight?

The Dracaena Franrans takes low light. They do their best when placed in bright but indirect sunlight. Avoid placing these plants in full sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.


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