Dieffenbachia : Dumb Cane Plant


Dieffenbachia Amoena is the botanical name of this plant. It is commonly known as Dumb Cane Plant. It is a very popular plant used to decorate the house.

This plants are belongs to the native of West Indies. Dieffenbachia is flowering plant. But the flower appears unattractive and unimpressive. The unique pattern of leaves makes Dumb Cane plants more attractive.

Dumb Cane plants will grow up to six feet tall.These plants are popular for their variegated, wide and bushy leaves. It belongs to very strong species that thrives very well in any light condition.

The leaves are yellow near their vein and dark green towards the edge. They are generally 20 inches long and 10 inches wide. The Leaf produces from the central stem.


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Care of Dieffenbachia Amoena [Dumb Cane Plant]

Dieffenbachia grow well and quickly on proper care. It does not require lot of light or lot of water. Some important tips to provide proper care are described below-


Dieffenbachia grows well in any soil except sand. Mix the soil with coco peat for the better growth of plants.


Keep the soil evenly moist always to grow healthy Dieffenbachia plants. Leaves will begin to shrivel if not watered for a long time. Proper watering makes the leaves stiffen.


Dumb Cane Plant thrives any any light condition. But do not keep these plants in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Dieffenbachia plant prefers bright but indirect sunlight for better growth. It can grow in full shade.


Fertilize Dieffenbachia Amoena plant once in every month with strong but water soluble fertilizer. Over fertilizer may cause leave dropping.


Dumb Cane Plant grows best in temperature between 18-24 Degree Celsius. It can tolerate temperature between 5-35 Degree Celsius. But beyond these range plant will die.


Dieffenbachia loves normal room humidity level.



Dieffenbachia plants occasionally produce 5 inches long buds. They blooms in perfect condition only. The flowers are green and rather non-impressive.


These Dumb Cane plant do not require pruning.


The Dieffenbachia Amoena plant propagate through new growth cutting or from breaking away stems that grow on side of the plant. Place these cutting in moist and sandy soil to begin roots.


These plants are toxic to pets and humans.


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