Garden Candle Lanterns – Great Decorative Solutions


    Make the home feel more warm and welcoming with garden candle lanterns. These truly marvelous decorative lanterns radiate with friendly warmth that would surely uplift the ambiance of its surroundings. Coupled with its subdued lighting that flicker ever so gently, this garden lamp has the ability to calm the soul and soothe the feelings of whoever beholds them. Installing these lighted ornaments in the garden would accord it a magical charm that would surely earn the praise and admiration of the guests or family.

    The best thing about these ornamental lighting implements is that they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Some of the candle lantern models that are available in most shops today are made of plastic composites and glass, while other types use iron or aluminum materials. They are then crafted to look like old-fashioned lanterns, which used to be commonly seen in the streets of old.


    The light source of these garden candle lanterns are battery powered LED lights, which have been encased in a thick wax stem and designed to look like real candles. To add a more realistic effect, the electrical current that the batteries provide passes through a miniature control unit that makes the LED lights flicker like real candles. In fact, people would not even notice that the light source within the lantern is not a real candle until they touch the tip of the artificial wick from where the LED light is encased.


    While the ornamental device does require 2 standard size-C batteries to power the light, rechargeable batteries of the same size can also be used. Typically, batteries are not included in every package of garden candle lanterns being purchased. This is why batteries, whether standard or rechargeable, must be bought separately. Naturally, you must also purchase an appropriate charger for rechargeable batteries of this size.

    One good thing about this ornamental garden lighting is its inclusion of a timing mechanism that allows them to turn on for a specific period of time. At the end of that period, the light will turn itself off automatically, thus saving battery power, and enabling the batteries to last for quite some time. This also provides for a great degree of convenience as you do not have to manually switch off its light. The maximum setting of the timer on most of these devices is five hours. This gives you enough time to showcase your garden or patio while being accentuated by these beautiful lighted garden ornaments.


    Installing garden candle lighting in the patio or garden will definitely add an enchanting allure to the area, not to mention the enhancing effect it will have to the warm ambiance. With the gorgeous old-fashioned look of the lantern, coupled by its gentle flickering lights, your patio or garden will definitely radiate with magical appeal and charisma.