10 Best Indoor flowering Plants (with common names and benefits)


Indoor Flowering Plants

In this post, I will discuss about 10 Best Indoor Flowering Plants and their Common Names and Benefits.

The youth of our country is running towards the metros. Where our life begins to pass in the apartment.

Due to the lack of greenery, we start living under stress.

There are many benefits of indoor and outdoor plants in the house. They also get favorable effects on our health. At the same time it is also beneficial for psychological, social and environment.

Science has certified that indoor flowering plants reduce air pollution, noise pollution and also control the temperature.

If you live in an apartment. Where only concrete jungle is visible all around. Then, indoor flowering plants will prove very beneficial for you.

Vastu Shastra says that seeing flowers blooming in the house increases positive energy and happiness and relieves stress.

There are many more benefits of seeing flowers in bloom, such as increases memory, transmits new energy in the elderly, increases productivity at the workplace, helps in solving problems, increases functionality.

If you are looking for beautiful indoor flowering plants, then these 10 best indoor flowering plants are suitable for you.



Peace lily is a very beautiful and popular indoor flowering plant. The Peace Lily flower looks like a cobra hood. Peace Lily plant is also called Cobra plant.

Maintenance of this plant is also very simple. This plant does not need sunlight. Peace lily requires very little water.

Peace Lily reduces indoor pollution. It also purifies the air by reducing the amount of benzene and formaldehyde.



Anthurium is an evergreen indoor flowering plant. Its flowers are very attractive. Its full name is Anthurium Flamingo. This is also known as the tail flower.

It can be grown at moderate temperatures. 25-30 ° C temperature is more appropriate. Anthurium plant needs water daily.

Anthurium purifies the air. By putting an anthurium plant in multiple pots simultaneously, it can reduce pollution by up to 50%.



This flowers are famous for their fragrance. Lavender being an aromatic flower is also a good insect repellent and herb.

They needs direct sunlight. You can place the lavender plant on window in front of sunlight.

Lavender requires more water during summer and less water during cold days.

Drinking lavender tea at bedtime leads to very good sleep. Drying the lavender and keeping it in the middle of the clothes gives a good aroma.



Jasmine is a fragrant flower, adds beauty to the house. Its petals are white and pink in color.

The Jasmine plant requires less water with more humidity and less sunlight. It is a suitable plant for bathrooms.

Jasmine plants can be 5-6 feet tall. When the flowers of Jasmine bloom, the whole house smells.

The flowers are used extensively in hair makeup, weddings, festivals and religious festivals.



The geranium plant is also known as geranium pelargonium. It is a very beautiful indoor flowering plant and flowerpot.

The plant of geranium smells very sweet. Flowers bloom in this plant throughout the year. Water level has to be maintained well in these plants.

It is used to scent soft drinks, alcohol and other food items.

They can also be used to stop bleeding, wound healing, ulcers, skin diseases, diarrhea, dysentery etc. The oil is used in aroma therapy.



Rhododendron is a blossoming flower in a humid environment. It is found in many colors, such as bright, pink or multicolored.

Rhododendron plant should be planted in cold place where the temperature is not more than 20 ° C.

It works to reduce formaldehyde from the environment.



Another name for African Violet is Saint Polya. They are mainly purple in color. They also have many species and colors, such as white, pink etc.

African Violet is suitable for all climates. Their plants are small and easy to care.

Flowers bloom throughout the year in the African Violet. They increase the flow of oxygen and provide comfort to the brain.



These plant are found mainly in Asia. It is also called China Rose.

This is an evergreen and multi-annual plant. Flowers bloom throughout the year.

Hibiscus is suitable for all climates. A few hours of sun is necessary for it. Hibiscus can also be grown by stem cutting.

Hibiscus tea is very beneficial in blood pressure and cholesterol. Along with this, it is also beneficial in liver, cancer and digestive diseases.



Orchid is very suitable in indoor flowering plants. Flowers in orchids bloom a lot during the monsoon season.

Sunlight is not very important for orchid. Humidity higher than 50% is harmful for the plant.

It is also used to make the drug of sleeplessness and stress. Some species are used to make herbal tea also.

Orchid also has antibiotic properties.



Ixora is an indoor flowering plant. It is very easy to grow. It can be applied to the window of the house where there is less sunlight.

Ixora needs some sunlight. Applying in partial shade is appropriate.

It is also used to make herbal medicine.

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