Money Plant Benefits


In this post we will discuss Money Plant Benefits.

The Money Plant is known by many names, such as the Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, Devils Vine, Silver Vine and many others. Its botanical name is Epipremnum Aureum.

This Golden Pothos are belongs to the native of Australia, Indonesia, Chia, Japan and India. Now it has found to locations all over the world. Golden Pothos are wonderful house plants.

Growing Golden Pothos outside is illegal in some states, because it is declared an invasive species.

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Money Plant Benefits and How to Grow Guide

Money plants can also be planted in indoor, outdoor or hanging baskets.

It is very easy to grow money plant. Money plant is suitable for any environment.

Money plant is the only plant of its species in which the flower does not bloom.

Sunlight and shadow have a deep impact on their leases.

The leaves of the plant kept in the sunlight are dark green and yellow. The leaves of the plant kept in the cantonment are light green and yellow.

Money plant is also grown in water bottles. Water in bottle should be changed at some intervals.

Money plant is also grown with hydrophonic technology. Nutrients are not required in this. They are nourished only by the natural salt present in water.

Money Plant Benefits – Having at Home

There are many benefits of stopping the money plant. It has great importance in Vastu Shastra and Feng-Sui.

They reduce the formaldehyde generated from household items such as pressed plywood, varnishes, paper products, foam insulation, trees, etc.

This plant reduces the amount of toxins from the air. Money plant should be kept close to electric appliances.

Keeping Money Plant in the corner of the house reduces stress and anxiety. Money plant brings good luck in the house.

In particular, the money plant should be placed in the South-East corner of the house.

The money plant is also planted above the aquarium. It reduces nitrate from aquarium water.

Money plant releases oxygen at night. That is why the money plant should be installed in the bedroom.

How to grow Money Plant

It is very easy to grow a money plant. You can also grow it in water or soil.

One thing to be noted that it takes a little time to grow when the plant is shifted from water to the soil.

Also it takes a little time to grow when the plant is shifted from soil to water.

The money plant is easily available in Nursery. You can also grow money plant with stem cuttings.

Keep the stem cuttings into the water and when the root comes out, place it in a pot.

Money Plant benefits more to bring good luck.

Health Condition for Money Plant

Soil – Sand mixed soil is best for money plant. Some stone pieces should be put in the pot bottom, so that water can drain easily. Pot soil should be replaced in two years.

Water- Less water should be given in winter but summer requires more water.

Light- The leaves of the money plant burn in a bright sun. That is why keep them in the shade where the sun does not fall directly on them.

Temperature- Money plant is suitable for all climates. But growth is very good at 15-30 ° C. Humidity is an important factor in the development of money plants.

Growing Money Plant in Water

If you have lack of time, you can grow money plant in water instead of soil.

A jar is required to grow in water. Take the jar darker so that it can be protected from algie. When there is algie in the water, clean the jar and fill it with fresh water and plant it.

Chlorine-free water is most suitable for money plants. Putting tap water in a vessel and keeping it for 1 day, the chlorine evoporates and the water gets ready for the plant.

There is lack of oxygen in water in 1-2 weeks. So in 2 weeks, definitely change the water of the jar.

Money plants do not require fertilizer. When the leaves begin to wilt, then they should be trimmed.

It is advisable to keep the plant under direct sunlight. When the root comes in the plant, you can apply it in the soil.

Some problems with money plant

Money plant vine grows very fast.

This plant is poisonous. Pets and children should stay away from this.

Money Plant has toxic calcium oxalate crystal.

Care of Money Plant

The money plant dry at the temperature below 10 degrees.

Insects and diseases affect this plant a lot. Pesticides should be used from time to time.

The dried leaves should be trimmed so that new leaves grow rapidly.

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