Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow : Caring Tips


Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow – The lower leaves of a healthy Orchid plant gets yellowing on a time being. It is a natural process. However, the yellow leaves of orchid are also a sign of many different problems, which has to be taken care about.

Tips to Care Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow

Here, I have listed the most common reasons of Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow-

Excess Direct Sunlight

Orchids usually grow in indirect sunlight of tropical forest. It never exposed to direct sunlight.

Keep your Orchid plants under plenty of light but in indirect sunlight.

Low Temperature

Orchid loves to grow between 15-27 degree Celsius temperature. Hence, it grows well at ambient temperature of room.

Decrease in temperature may cause yellow leaf and leaf drop.

High Temperature

When temperature exceeds more than 27 degree Celsius, the orchid leaves become yellow and leaf drop.

In summer season, keep orchid plants in cooler space.


This is the most common reason of Orchid leaves to become yellow. Over-watering causes root-rot and plants get die.

Orchid require less water. Hence, do not pour more water.

Sudden Change in Environment

Sudden change of location or environment may cause leaf drop or leaf becomes yellow.

If climate changes suddenly, try to keep these plants at ambient room temperature.

Hard Water and Chemical

The excess amount of Chlorine or Chloramine present in water may harm the Orchid plants. As a result, the leaves become yellow or leaf drop.If the water of your tap is hard, pour rain water or filtered water.

Excess Fertilizer

The excess nutrients suchas Calcium, manganese, Zinc, Copper or Phosphorus may prevent the intake of iron by Orchid, which cause symptoms of iron deficiency, result in yellowing the leaves.

Nutrient Deficiency

The common deficiencies that will cause yellowing leaves of orchid are nitrogen, iron, zinc and manganese. This can be fulfilled by the use of a suitable fertilizer.

Bacterial Infection

Yellow leaves may be a sign of disease in your Orchid. It may be due to Bacterial, Fungal or Viral infection.


Root-rot occurs due to over-watering. Use well-drain soil and water them infrequently.

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