Peace Lily Drooping


Peace Lily Drooping – The Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a popular indoor plant. It is extensively used to decorate the houses. It is a best flowering plant in its species.

After sometime you may observe that your Peace Lily is drooping. Don’t Panic. It is a common problem in Peace Lily plants. This problem can be managed very easily.

These plants are suitable for tropical climate condition. Hence, they require an average water.

I will explain here why drooping happens and how to prevent and treat Peace Lily plants. After taking the correct measures they thrives once again.

Why My Peace Lily Drooping ?

There are too many reasons of Peace lily drooping. The common and possible reasons are as below-


Peace Lily have a tendency to droop suddenly, if they do not have sufficient water. Over-watering of Peace Lily leads to drooping.

Because the stems and leaves are being provided with excess water from the root. So, plant starts to droop. Over-watering may cause root rot also and plant get die.


Under-watering of Peace Lily leads to drooping. Because the stems and leaves are not being provided with sufficient water and nutrients from the root. So, plant starts to dehydrate and droop.

If you leave plant thirsty for a long time, it leads to yellow and dry leaves.

Direct sunlight

Peace Lily loves partially shaded space to grow. Italso may survive in low-light environment. Hence, do not keep these plants in direct sunlight.

In winter season, peace lily can tolerate a 1-2 hours direct sunlight. A long time direct sunlight leads to burn leaves. Plant may start drooping due to more light and heat.

Insect infestation (Mealybugs)

Mealybugs infection are common in Peace Lily plants. Mealybug suck the life out of them by consuming plant sap. As a result, plant will start to dehydrate and droop.

Spray the plant with the alcoholic liquid to remove bugs. Repeat the process until bugs gets completely removed.

Too much High or Low Temperature

Peace Lily prefer average temperature. Keep them between 16-25 degree Celsius temperature. In abnormal temperature, plants tends to drooping.

Wrong Soil

Peace Lily loves tropical climate. So, they require well-drain soil. If waterlogged near plant, they start drooping. So, do not waterlog your Peace Lily plant’s root. Do not use Clay Soil or Sandy Soil.

Low Humidity level

Peace Lily loves warm climate. Dry air with very low humidity level leads to drooping. As a result, the edges of leaves start to turn brown or yellow. Mist the plant regularly to keep the humidity level high.

Another way to maintain humidity is, place water tray near plants or use portable humidifier.


Cylindrocladium root rot is a disease which affects in summer season. Due to this disease leaves changes his color. If you look this type of sign, check the roots and use fungicides.


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