Pothos Yellow Leaves : Cause and Care


Pothos, also called Money Plants, are very attractive houseplant. This plant is perfect for beginners. The occasional problems of Pothos yellow leaves can arise.

The Pothos yellow leaves did not come from typical garden spiders or bugs. It is a sign of potentially dangerous spider mites infestation. Spider-mites pierces plants with their sucking mouth-parts and sucks the chlorophyll from the leaves and causing leaves to turn yellow.

Why Pothos leaves are turning yellow?

Despite of the plant toughness, occasional problems may arise through yellowing leaves. Following are some reasons which affects the Money Plant.

Excess Direct Sunlight

Money Plants leaves shall turn yellow when they exposed to direct sunlight in summer season. They can tolerate direct sunlight during winter season. Pothos loves bright but indirect sunlight. Keep these plants into partially shaded but bright indirect sunlight.


Mealybugs and Spider-mites are very small insects that hides underside the leaves. These insects turns Pothos leaves yellow with ragged appearance.


Excess fertilization or non fertilization can cause phothos yellow leaves. These plants not blooms and growing slowly. They does not require heavy amount of fertilizer. Fertilize them once in a month with water-soluble fertilizers.

Care against Pothos Yellow Leaves


Check the leaves of plant in bright sunlight for spider-mites or spider-webs.


Wash them through high-pressure water jet. Lay your plant on its side, turning it so the stream of water catches the entire surface area of plant.


Spray the leaves both side (upper-side and under-side), stems and twigs with suitable fungicides. Spray the fungicides uniformly to wash away all adult spider-mites, webs, eggs, and nymphs. Most eggs and mites are hide under the plants leaves. So, spray on each leaf slowly and methodically.


Remove the top layer of the soil of pot, when finished to wash away spider-mites that fell off the leaves. Repeat this process 3-4 times in a month to free all insects from the plants leaves.


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