Strelitzia Reginae : Bird of Paradise Plant


The Bird of Paradise plant is very easy to care. The beautiful flower make it most popular in gardens around the world. The Strelitzia is an outdoor flowering plant. But it can be grown indoor at proper conditions.

Strelitzia Reginae is belongs to the native of Eastern Coastal of Southern Africa. It grows wild in patches across many kilometers at coastal area of South Africa.

The Bird of Paradise plant is known by several name as Strelitzia, Strelitzia Reginae, Crane Flower etc. These plants are blooming several times in a year, but takes around three year to be ready for flowering.

The Strelitzia plant grows 6 feet tall. The flowers has an appearance like a bird’s head. Flowers are very attractive and orange in color. The evergreen leaves are 2 feet long and 1 feet wide.

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Strelitzia Reginae [Bird of Paradise] Plant Care

The care of Bird of Paradise plant is very easy. It produces flowers for several year when taken proper care of it. Following are some instructions to care Strelitzia plants.


The Bird of Paradise plant loves almost all type of soil. Standard potting mix is good for plant health.


Water regularly during summer season to keep soil evenly moist. Permit the soil to dry during Autumn and Winter season. Do not allow water to be logged in pot.


The Strelitzia plant grows well in bright but indirect sunlight through-out the years. So, these plants can be grow in indoor.


Fertilize Bird of Paradise plant 1-2 times in a month during Spring and Summer season with a balanced fertilizer. It should be fertilize once in a month during Autumn and Winter Season.


The Strelitzia plant tolerates moderate temperature between 13-30 Degree Celsius.


The Bird of Paradise plant prefer normal humidity. Mist the leaves of plant to maintain humidity level,if required.


Each plant produces up to six flowers in succession. It blooms from Spring season to Autumn Season.


The Birds of Paradise plant can be propagate from seeds and by division. The new plant which propagates from seed takes three years to produce flowers. But when propagates from division, it starts flowering from the next season.


The Strelitzia Plants are toxic to pets and human. Keep these plants out of reach location to pets.


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