Unusual Gardens, Unusual Places


Gardening is a rejuvenating activity that refreshes our surroundings and makes our houses and offices more homely and friendly. There is always a specified area in a house or an office building for gardening. However, depending on the design and architecture and location, there can be some pretty unusual ways to do gardening.

Gardening on unusual places is done with very uncommon ways and ideas but no set of rules are required as such. It is very useful when there is limited space like in the urban environments. Unusual places could be outdoor or indoor with different things around us and here are some interesting examples.


Rooftop is an all-time favorite area that can be turned into a beautiful garden with proper planning and innovative ideas. Considering the weight and wind issues, it is wise to use very light weight material like plastic containers to grow plants. A small water storage system must be installed for regular water supply to the plants.

For houses with spacious balcony, besides having flower pots, more plants can be grown in plastic or jute baskets suspending from the balcony ceiling supported by brackets. This hanging arrangement can be planted with vines or shrubs growing colorful flower giving our balcony a very green and colorful appearance.

Our houses usually have some spaces like backyard, garage, or parking area which can be utilized for creating a garden. We can make a sort of vine garden to create a green shed for our cars and avoid unwanted heat.

Trellis squares are often used along the fencing to support the climbing plants like rose trellis which is very common in Europe. Trellises can also be attached to walls and plants can be grown by locking the plant stems using wires and give green look to the walls. This is a great way to considerably reduce the room temperature.

If you have a garden arbor in your house, special small rooted plants can be grown covering the poles and roof of the arbor, giving it an extraordinary green look. Garden swing hammocks can also be decorated with similar plants giving it a unique appearance.

Patios can also be made green by designing them carefully and creating gardening space in between or around. To make it more beautiful, water lily can be grown and placed in the middle of patio using an old wide water container.

Growing miniature plants is another way to add more beauty to out buildings. Miniature plants are grown in a way that they resemble the same shape as a life size plant or tree, but they size between one to six inches high. Miniature plants are very decorative and can be grown inside the buildings in very little decorative ceramics and require no special care. There are indoor and outdoor miniature plants, easily available in the market.

We can grow unusual gardens can be all by our personal interest and innovative ideas. We can even use old gym shoes, used cinder blocks, sewer pipes and even waste materials at home to grow plants of our choices and turn our houses and buildings into a beautiful lush green garden.

We often find in public gardens, interesting designs inspired from animals, insects, famous buildings, etc and grown into colorful plants. With the correct use of seasonal flower plants, desired color flowers can be chosen to create different shapes with interesting colorful effects. Unusual garden places are created solely by our love towards nature, interest, creativity and imagination.

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