What do you plan to order from Carluccio’s when they open up? — Plant Shift


    Vegan options at Carluccio’s

    Carluccio’s have developed their menu and their labelling of it, which means that vegan options are clearly marked. They have a number of options but what I really like about Carluccio’s is the fact that they’re able to veganise dishes that are on the menu. I’ve shared a photo of my favourite veganised meal at the beginning of this article.

    Their shop

    I don’t know if all of their restaurants have enough space for their shop but the one in Pinner does. This is a blessing and extremely dangerous! Why? Their Dark Chocolate Truffles are just so yummy! Whenever I have one, I find it really hard to stop there! They’re just right in terms of sweetness, they’re nutty and they’re moreish!

    Let me know what you order when you go to Carluccio’s next. 🙂

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